Application Form and List of Criteria

The quality improvement funds will exclusively be used for improving teaching and study conditions as well as for supporting gifted students. The teaching quality shall be improved by measures which lead to an increase in the pass rate and to a support of especially the core subjects of Mechanical Engineering. One focus in choosing projects is to improve the mentoring situation of the students.


List of Criteria for Submission of the Application

Period of Sponsorship

The period of sponsorship is one year at the most. The funds will usually be allocated in February/March and should be spent until end of March of the subsequent year. Funds which have not been spent will be recollected. For continuation of a project beyond this period, a new application must be submitted to the committee quality improvement funds. The institutes will in time be asked to submit new applications. Measures shall each be applied for in advance for the whole subequent sponsored year.

Calculation of Costs

The amount requested for a measure should not be less than €2,500 and no more than €120,000. Please enter even decimal amounts.

Personnel costs are to be determined by:

  • €54,000 for one research assistant (12 months) resp. €4,500 per month
  • €45,000 for one non-academic assistant (12 months) resp. €3,750 per month
  • €11,000 for a student worker (19 hours, 12 months) resp. €910 per month
  • €5,400 for a student worker (8 hours, 12 months) resp. €450 per month

The portion of material costs of a project may only in justified exceptional cases exceed 10%.

A reallocation of personnel to material costs is only possible up to a maximum of 1,000 Euros. 

Surplus funds must be returned.

Other Criteria

  • Supplementary measures which affect existing classes (such as small group exercises) will be supported, but no new curricular classes and no scholarships.
  • Initial releases and revised editions of manuscripts or lecture notes and the acquisition of literature will not be sponsored.
  • LCD projectors, notebooks or the equipment of computer labs (also for students) will not be sponsored.
  • Room costs for externally occurring events will in general not be financed. Furthermore, no renovation costs for rooms will be sponsored.
  • Excursions will not be sponsored (only indirectly through Faculty funds)
  • Prior to applying for e-learning projects, must be contacted to clarify possibilities of collaboration.