Ladies' Talk


“Open women’s eyes for all their possibilities.“
(Brigitte Gilles)

Do you know this situation? – Sometimes in lecture halls you do not see any fellow female students for all the male fellow students? With a tight schedule, diverse internships and exam preparations there is not enough time to interconnect while having a cup of coffee? You need support in study questions and you are looking for other female students for mutual exchanges?

Then you are in the right place with us!

With us you cannot only interconnect in an undisturbed setting but also find support to cope with everyday student life, socialize or get information on different topics.

But the Ladies’ Talk is much more than a platform for exchanges. Ladies’ Talk also means opening new possibilities to you ladies of the Faculty, to present sponsoring and scholarship possibilities and to create networks. Therefore we will adjust topics such as “study abroad”, “career support“ or also „scholarships“ especially to your needs. Of course, we will be glad to deal with your individual wishes and needs.

We cordially invite you – all female students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – to our meetings!


Who? What? When? Where?

Who can participate?

ALL currently enrolled female students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering, CES, Communication in Technology, Teacher Training

So tell your friends and Stopp by!

Who are we?

Andrea Dohms, M. A.:  

When can you participate?

After consultation with you 1-2 afternoons per semester

How can you participate?

Short email to Andrea Dohms, M. A.  

Please mention in which semester you are to make sure that we can adjust the program accordingly!
You are welcome to make suggestions on topics that you have a burning interest in.