Borchers Badge


The Borchers Badge is awarded to RWTH Aachen doctoral candidates, who pass their doctoral examinations "With Distinction". The backside of the Borchers Badge has an engraving with the name of the recipient and the date of the doctoral degree.


Prize winners

Abel , Philipp Dr.-Ing.
Cai, Liming Dr.-Ing.
Chen, Geng Dr. -Ing.
Chen, Kan Dr. -Ing
Ęilbracht, Stephan Dr. -Ing
Flesch, Robert Dr.-Ing.
Friedrich, Linus Dr.-Ing.
Gaudlitz, Franz Dr.-Ing.
Gesche, Valentine Dr.-Ing.
Grosch, Jan-Hendrik Dr.-Ing.
Humphrey, Sean Dr.-Ing.
Jussen, Philipp Dr.-Ing.
Kaletsch, Anke Dr.-Ing.
Krupp, Carsten Dr.-Ing.
Kuhlmann, Thomas Benedikt Dr.-Ing.
Kurtenbach, Stefan Dr. -Ing
Sinem, Kuz Dr.-Ing.
Ladner, Tobias Dr.-Ing.
Lampe, Matthias Dr.-Ing.
Lichius, Thomas Dr. -Ing
Nobel, Christoph Dr.-Ing.
Ote, Mehmet Dr.-Ing.
Pauli, Lutz Dr.-Ing.
Pütsch, Oliver Dr.-Ing.
Rakousky, Christoph Dr.-Ing.
Ruschhaupt, Johannes Dr.-Ing.
Schaub, Joschka Dr.-Ing.
Schenk, Friedrich Walter Dr.-Ing.
Schrödel, Frank Dr.-Ing.
van Overbrüggen, Timo Dr.-Ing.
von der Assen, Niklas Dr.-Ing.
Winter, Katharina Dr.-Ing.