Research Report

  Collage Alex Levay

In an annually published research report the diversity and productive efficiency of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is made transparent in compact form.


The portrayal of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering consists of a summary of the faculty’s involvement in the collaborative research centers, the interdisciplinary forums, the graduate research training groups, the excellence initiative as well as the future concept “Excellent Teaching”. The faculty has taken over responsible leadership and coordination tasks also within the future concept “Excellent Teaching” in the core areas “Teachers (professors, academic staff, students)” as well as “Structure and Organization”.

The exemplary and important research projects of the individual professorships described in this report also permit outsiders a transparent overview on effected research performances during the reporting period. We consider this report an impetus to visit the institutions’ websites in case of further interest to gain an extensive insight, or even to contact the respective people to initiate further networks in scientific and research areas. This network-founding function is emphasized through the display of the most important publications as well, since it allows for an all in all complete picture of the diversity and performance of our faculty, which is clearly verified by many examples.

An important barometer of the faculty’s performance is the illustration of third-party funds. Here we can be proud to record a steady growth of third-party funds even in difficult economic times of crisis.

Altogether, the here presented results from research and development of the faculty encourage us to confidently accept the future challenges and to support RWTH Aachen University on its way to an integrated, interdisciplinary technical university.