AVT.SVT - Department of Chemical Engineering, Process Systems Engineering


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Alexander Mitsos, Ph. D.

Fields of Study

Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering

Main Focus

Optimization of energy and chemical systems, Chemical thermodynamics, Development of numerical algorithms for (global) optimization.

Research Focus

AVT.SVT research focuses on optimization of energy and chemical systems and development of enabling numerical algorithms. Specific topics include deterministic global optimization, bilevel and semi-infinite optimization, concentrated solar thermal, seawater desalination, carbon capture, chemical thermodynamics, and electrochemical systems. The AVT.SVT research at the intersection of Process Systems Engineering, Energy and Computational Engineering.


AVT.SVT - Department of Chemical Engineering - Process Systems Engineering

Forckenbeckstraße 51
​52074 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 80-977 17
Fax: +49 241 80-923 26

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