DLR - Institute of Solar Research, Chair of Solar Technology


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal

Fields of Study

Mechanical Engieering

Main Focus

Concentrating solar systems and their integration into conventional power plants; their use for production of process heat and for the production of fuels and purification of waste water

Research Focus

The Head of the Chair of Solar Technology Prof. Pitz-Paal also serves as Co-Director of the DLR Institute for Solar Research, based in Cologne. The synergies from the cooperation between RWTH and DLR have a positive impact on research and teaching. The research of the chair is conducted in the laboratories and research facilities of the DLR. RWTH students have the ability to create their studies, graduate and doctoral work at the DLR Institute for Solar Research.

The Institute for Solar Research in the DLR, with more than 100 employees, is one of the world's leading research institutes in the field of solar thermal energy. Together with industrial partners the researchers develop and optimize concentrating solar systems for heating, electricity and fuel generation for a sustainable energy supply of the earth.

Employees of the Institute are working on the research facilities in Cologne, Stuttgart and Jülich and with a permanent delegation of 10 researchers at the largest European test center for concentrating solar technologies, the Plataforma Solar in Almeria. To the laboratories and test facilities of the Institute belong a high-flux solar furnace (25 kW), a high-flux solar simulator and the test and qualification center Quartz ®. In research center CeraStorE ® at the DLR in Cologne, scientists from the fields of solar research, workshop and research Thermodynamics are working together on the development of new energy storage methods. On Germany’s only solar tower power plant in Jülich, the Institute conducts research on an industrially relevant scale.


DLR - Institute of Solar Research, Chair of Solar Technology
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