IEK-2 Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Microstructure and Properties of Materials (FZ Jülich)


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lorenz Singheiser

Fields of Study

Materials Science, Energy Technology

Main Focus

Investigation of long-term ptoperties and environmental resistance of metallic and ceramic high temperature materials and coatings in power plants, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and for plasma facing components of future fusion devices.

Research Focus

The following research activities are in the main focus: mechanical properties of coated and uncoated metallic and ceramic high temperature materials under thermo- cyclic and thermo- mechanical loading conditions. At high temperatures properties of materials and coatings are deterimined by constitution and phase changes as well as as a consequence of high temperature corrosion, mechanical loading. Further research topics are development of gas seperation membranes for CO2- free power plants and chemical hot gas cleaning for new power plant concepts like oxyfuel or gasification.

Experimental methods:

mechanical and thermo-mechanical testing facilities, creep machines, high energy electron beam facilities for thermally high loaded components, cyclic and isothermal corrosion test rigs with controlled gas atmospheres, Knudsen- effusion and high pressure mass spectrometry. A broad spectrum of analytical facilities is available at the institute: optical microscopy, SEM with EDX and WDX, Focussed ion Beam and TEM, Laser- Raman for stress measurements, plasma SNMS, DTA, dilatometry and XRD

Numerical methods:

Finite element analysis (ANSYS, Abaqus), Thermocalc, Dictra, and FactSage.


Materials for energy systems


Oak Ridge National Lab, Univ. Pittsburg, Argonne NL, Cranfield Univ. Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, ECN, Risoe


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