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…“Keeping hearts and minds together”

RWTH Aachen wants to stay in touch with its alumni. Alumni include all graduates, former employees, doctoral candidates, professors, and visiting researchers; in short, all those, who have gained experiences and brought their own to RWTH in research, teaching, and collaboration, and who wish to keep in contact after their departure. The University and alumni mutually profit from the exchange of knowledge and experience during their time together and apart. The goal of alumni mentorship is to maintain and strengthen these connections.

For a Strong Alumni Network

Students become alumni, and alumni become friends, and donors. Many former members of RWTH Aachen still feel connected to their university and are involved as donors or ambassadors. Find out, how you can also become active in the alumni network.

Alternatively, the worldwide alumni network offers you current information from research and science as well as cultural and sports activities around RWTH, in Aachen, in Germany, and throughout the world. Our central medium is the alumni magazine “keep in touch,” which is published twice a year both in print and digitally. Two prominent alumni events each yearare the Doctoral Jubilee and the Lousberglauf.

The network functions as a members directory, in which you can search for fellow students, people from your graduating class, and business contacts. Or do you want to know if there are alumni associations at your former institute or chair?

Use our menu to left to orient yourself and to find our services. We are also available in person at Room 205, on the second floor of Walter-Schottky-House at Campus Melaten, Sommerfeldstraße 18, 52074 Aachen.

By the way, have you already registered as an alumnus or alumna in the network? Here you can


Your Alumni Team
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Through alumni, I was able to establish contact with former classmates, with whom I had lost touch. Meeting each other, sharing anecdotes, and simply the chance to chat: this can serve alumni, and is made possible through a list of all alumni participants. Since many former contacts work in “similar” fields, it is very helpful to exchange ideas and build the respective networks. My children also study at RWTH.

Diplom-Mathematician Klaus Keus, Bonn


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